serengeti-animalsA delegation of US Senators is in the Serengeti National Park found in Tanzania to learn about supporting environmentally friendly economic development as well as the challenges of fighting the wildlife trafficking problems and strategies for minimization at the different levels including the local, regional, national, as well as worldwide level.

5 American Senators have begun their 2 day tour in Serengeti National Park as part of their official program across the country. This delegation that is led by Ms. Debbie Stabenow the Senator of Michigan, who is as well the Chairperson of the United states Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry, will have a chance to witness directly the important purpose of conservation as well as good management of natural resources .

during their visit in Serengeti, this delegation is also going to visit a number of sites with local conservation projects, see elephants plus rhinos within their natural habitats, speak to the local leaders at the fore front of fighting the battle against poaching, and even visit a number of community projects which are working to ensure preservation of the natural resources, and conservation of the threatened species. In addition, the delegation will learn about the conflict between man and wildlife plus several other issues of relevance to the local people particularly those staying within this area.

Besides Ms. Debbie Stabenow c Michigan, Other senators on this delegation include Ms. Cantwell Ms. Debbie Stabenow the Senator of Washington, Ms. Amy Klobuchar the Senator of Minnesota, Ms. Heidi Heitkamp the Senator of North Dakota as well as Ms. Maize Hirono the Senator of Hawaii.