The wildebeest Migration

Depending on the time you want to travel, it is great opportunity to experience the annual great migration in the Serengeti which is the main feature of an East African Safari. To witness the greatest movement of wildlife on earth, Serengeti is a perfect park for you when over a million wildebeests move and are joined by numerous numbers of zebras and Thomson’s gazelles while the main predators also await them within close vicinity. Being a natural event, the timing of the annual great migration changes for the different months and over years and also varying with the weather and when the rains start. There is therefore no assurance, way on time where the annual migration will be and at a specific time.

The migration usually begins in Kenya from the Masaai Mara between the months of July, August until November taking the southward direction during the time when the short rains are ready to start in the Serengeti National Park of Tanzania. The months of December to February and May to July are the best time to go on a safari to witness the migration event in the Serengeti National Park.

wildebeest migration tanzania

Birth and Calving seasons

While in the Northern part of the Serengeti, the birth season of the moving zebras sets in, and  from late January going on through to almost the middle of March the wildebeest calving season is on.Here,there  is a large concentration tendency in the southern Serengeti that even spills over towards the Ngorongoro conservation area. Around the time of these months, the plains have plenty of new short grass that provides the best feeding ground for migrating animals to sustain them for 10 to 12 weeks.

Examples of Tanzania safari animals like lions, leopard, cheetah and hunting dogs with vultures circling overhead are such kinds of predators within the National park. These are always around and never far as they are always looking out for an opportunity for an easy catch hunt on the wildebeest new born or young ones, gazelles or even the zebras. For a safari in the Serengeti, this is the perfect prime time.

The return of the migration

The migration is always ready to take on the south-western region direction of the Serengeti during the months of April or early May. This is because, during this time of the year, so many roads are impassable due the extremely wet areas and it is not much recommended to view the migration during these 2 months.

However, generally looking at the months of June and July that come afterwards, it is known as perfect time to look at the wildlife migrate along the western corridor gradually heading northwards. By the time August sets in, the migration has moved in the far north heading in Kenya.

It is so important to note that July and August are usually the predicated months for rains to come, and thus the most favorable time to catch up with the famous river crossing on the Mara river from the Masai Mara.