The authentic guide to Serengeti National Park, with complete information about attractions including wildebeest migration, the best time to visit the park, how to get there, safari companies and recent travel updates.

Serengeti attractions are more than the Wildebeest and zebras., We have the giraffes, rhinos, leopards, elephants, hippos, cheetahs, lions, warthogs, mongoose, bateared foxes, baboons, jackles, porcupines, crocodiles ,monkeys, birds,e.t.c

Great tips, find when to expect the Migration of the Wildebeests in Serengeti National Park where you can see over a million wildebeests move and are joined by numerous numbers of zebras and Thomson’s gazelles while the main predators also await them within close vicinity.

Serengeti Safari Tanzania

Getting There :Going through the entrance of lake Manyara National park,is the commonest route into the Serengeti while coming from Arusha,one of Tanzania’s big cities. Mounting through the escarpment of the rift valley.
When To Visit : Viewing the wildlife in the Serengeti National park is possible throughout the year,but some areas are better off visited at particular times. Taking an example of the dry season that kicks off from late June to September.

Planning where to stay ? Serengeti offers a wide variety of safari accommodation covering luxury, mid-range and budget options. From 5 star accommodation, to basic camps Serengeti has it all.

A list of credible tour operators and safari companies in Tanzania taking tourists to Serengeti and other safari destinations in Tanzania.  Be safe to carry out your safari with one of the following travel agents.

Serengeti National park is Tanzania’s most well known park. ‘Serengeti’ is a local Masai word meaning “Endless Plains”. This park, which is approximately 15,000 sq km, was conserved to safeguard the path of the annually magnificent wildebeest migration. Tanzania safari tourists travel from various parts of the world to visit this national park and witness the spectacular yearly wildebeest migration spectacle. serengeti lion safari tanzania


This migration entails more than 1.5 million animals and observing them is a very fascinating experience. The movement of the migration includes a huge herd of wildebeests, zebras, antelopes as well as gazelles. These animals migrate to Serengeti every year looking for green pastures as well as water. The large number of thundering hooves of wildebeests and other animals form a huge cloud of dust that follows their trail. You will in fact see several big cats pursing this great herd to hunt food. Among the large cats are lions, leopards, cheetahs plus hyenas.

hippo serengetiCamping within the Serengeti is the greatest and least expensive way to get ready for this most significant wildlife migration natural spectacle in the whole of East Africa. You may decide to stay in the Serengeti or in Kenya’s Masai Mara. It will likewise be a fantastic experience particularly to those guests who love camping or outdoor activities. Having your Tanzania safari holiday within the Serengeti Plains, as the thunder of hooves echoes in the background within this natural wildlife sanctuary is a very rewarding experience. Other than this spectacle, the only other companions here will be insects, birds as well as the large cats like lions occasionally heard roaring a distance away. All the wildlife documentaries on Serengeti you have watched on TV before will unfold before you in actual reality.

Because of the great number of visitors traveling to Serengeti Park, numerous lodges plus camps have been established at different places to offer accommodation throughout the wildebeest migration time. In addition there are mobile camps found in the park. The mobile camps are shifted to different locations inside the park based on the movement of the migrating herd across the wide plains of the Serengeti. The majority of camping trips are escorted by a cook as well as a knowledgeable safari guide.